Renting A Self-Storage Unit For The First Time? Use These 5 Tips To Protect Your Things

If you are putting your things into a rental unit for the first time, you might think that all you need to do is put your belongings into the unit and walk away. However, if you want to ensure your items are in good shape when you are ready to use them again, it's a good idea to use the following tips to protect your things. Avoid Putting Your Things on the Floor Read More 

How To Beat The Rush As You Get Christmas Presents Ready For Delivery

Are you one of thousands or even millions of people who have stood in lines before Christmas because you have waited too long to shop or to mail your presents? Whether you had a good reason for your procrastination or not, it was probably a big bother to spend valuable time in those long lines. This year things can be different if you get started now. Here are some ideas that might help you beat the rush. Read More 

3 Signs That You Should Tip Your Movers A Little Extra

If you are hiring a moving crew to help you move your household possessions, you probably appreciate the fact that you are getting a little bit of help with this often difficult and overwhelming task. One great way to show your appreciation to your movers is by giving a tip, but you could be wondering exactly how much you should give. Giving a five percent tip is considered pretty standard across the industry, even though some people argue whether you should tip five percent per mover or if you should give the entire five percent to the foreman to allow him to divvy it up. Read More 

Before You Sign Your Storage Unit Lease, Here’s How To Get A Better Price

Renting a space at a self storage facility is a simple remedy for a home that is cluttered with too many possessions. By storing what you don't use often at a facility near your home, you can enjoy calmer, cleaner living quarters. Although the monthly fee that you'll pay for your storage unit is a small price to pay for helping you reduce the volume of items in your home, there are a number of ways that you can reduce the amount that you pay for your space. Read More 

Three Shortcuts To Ease The Moving Process

When you're planning for a major household move, the little things are often the ones that make it the most challenging. Even with the most extensive plans, you may still find yourself needing some creative solutions to persistent and troublesome issues. Here are a few tips to help you simplify things and make the moving process easier from start to finish. Protect Your Dishware When you opt for old newspapers to pack your dishes securely, you just create more work for yourself in your new place. Read More