Summer RV Storage – 3 Things To Do To Protect It

You can easily find a lot of information about storing your RV for the winter, but is there anything that you need to do while you store it during the hot summer months? Not every RV owner has the time to get out and use the RV during the peak season. This leaves the RV in storage during hot weather. That hot weather can lead to damage if you don't take some time to prepare the RV for hot-weather storage. Here, you will learn how to do just that.


Air needs to circulate through the RV when the temperatures are high. This will help to reduce the humidity level inside the RV by allowing some of the hot, moist air to escape instead of settling on all of the materials inside.

Open the roof vent just a bit. You want it to be opened enough to let the air out, but not so much that it allows rain to come in during strong summer storms. If you are concerned about water leaking in, place a large tote on the floor below the vent to catch any water that does find its way in.

Absorb Moisture

There are different products that will absorb the moisture in the air trapped inside your RV. The cheapest product for  you to purchase is a bag of clean charcoal. Charcoal is a natural product that absorbs odors and moisture and traps it inside.

Every few weeks, you will need to return to the RV and replace the charcoal. Instead of throwing out the used charcoal, spread it out on a cookie sheet and place it inside your oven while it is set at a low temperature. This will bake the moisture out of the charcoal and make it usable again.

Pest Control

You don't want to come back to use your RV and find that it has been invaded by pests of any kind. Spiders, mice snakes and other pests would love to make your RV their new home while you are storing it.

To eliminate the surprise of finding any type of pest in your RV, get some nylon stockings and some mothballs. Pour some mothballs inside the stockings and tie each one closed.

Now, hang them underneath the RV. The pests will stay away and won't want to make your RV into their summer vacation home—and your RV still won't smell like mothballs because they'll be outside.

Talk with your local storage facility to learn more about storing your RV during the summer. Protecting it when parking it will preserve the value and make it much easier to get out and go when you have the chance. Contact a company like United Moving and Storage for more tips.