3 Critical Tips For Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

Organizing a storage unit doesn't have to be a stressful job. You can keep your storage unit neat and easily accessible by following the steps outlined below. Install A Flashlight Storage rooms are dark and can often leave you fumbling around in the dark unless you have a flashlight handy. Take a standard size flashlight and attach a piece of string to the end of the handle, then install a hook on the inside of the door to the storage unit. Read More 

5 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can provide a solution for a number of problems-- whether you're moving, taking an extended trip, or have inherited a lot of belongings, a storage unit provides a secure place to safely keep your things. Use the following tips to ensure that your experience renting a storage unit is positive: Climate Control While the majority of storage units are located outdoors without heat or air conditioning, there are select storage companies that provide climate controlled units. Read More