Step One In Your New Life: The Moving Process For Starting Over Cross-Country

Sometimes you need a change in scenery in order to make changes in your life. Whether you decided to go for a new job across the country or if you just picked a place and decide to move there, packing up is the first step to your starting-over process. One thing that you need to remember is that you want to start over with the necessities, but not tie yourself down with old things from your past that are no longer necessary. Here are some steps to getting on the road to your new life.

Purge your living quarters

A few months prior to leaving your home, you should do a major purge. Throw away anything that you no longer need, that is old or that needs to be replaced. If you have things that are in good condition but are no longer necessary, you can give these to friends or donate them to charities. If you have things that are worth money, or if you need extra money for your trip, you can sell your items through online websites or at pawn shops and consignment stores.

Select a cargo trailer in advance

One of the best ways to move across the country, if you plan on taking your car, is to hitch a cargo trailer and get on the road. Driving will allow you time to think and reflect, and with a lot of items, it can be the most cost-efficient way to move. Once you get across the country you will have your vehicle and all of your things with you without having to worry about shipping or plane luggage requirements. Select a cargo trailer in advance, so that you know the defined space that your items must fit into. Be sure to pare down your items to what can fit inside of your car and cargo trailer.

Pack up and hire movers

Packing up will be hard enough, as will getting out of town on schedule. In order to make things easier on you mentally and physically, hire movers from a company like Bell Moving & Storage to move items into your cargo trailer. The day before you plan to get on the road, have movers get your items inside of your cargo trailer and car. Do this the day before in case there are issues fitting 'must have' items into the trailer and you need to reconfigure the packing. Once the movers have packed your items up, lock the trailer and make sure the car is properly gassed up to head out to your life's next adventure.