Renting A Self-Storage Unit For The First Time? Use These 5 Tips To Protect Your Things

If you are putting your things into a rental unit for the first time, you might think that all you need to do is put your belongings into the unit and walk away. However, if you want to ensure your items are in good shape when you are ready to use them again, it's a good idea to use the following tips to protect your things.

Avoid Putting Your Things on the Floor

If liquid seeps in from another unit or the area floods, your things could become damaged if they are sitting directly on the floor. To avoid problems, you can put your belongings and boxes on wood pallets, concrete blocks or crates.

Fill Boxes as Completely as Possible

You may not want to overpack your boxes because you don't want to carry heavy boxes, but if you underfill them and stack them high, they might collapse under the weight of heavier boxes on top of them. Take care to fill your boxes as much as you can. You might want to use packing popcorn or extra towels to pad empty space so that boxes can withstand pressure and retain their shape.

Leave Refrigerators Slightly Ajar

When you are storing a mini-refrigerator or a full-sized model, you are likely to have cleaned it out before putting it into a self storage unit. However, because there might be some moisture left in there, it's a good idea to make sure you leave the door slightly ajar. This will help the appliance to dry out completely; you will be able to avoid the unwelcome surprise of mold or mildew when you open it up and want to use it again.

Keep Electronics Cool

If you're like many people, you have a number of electronic devices, some of which you don't need to use right now. Electronics can be be stored in a rental unit, but high heat can damage components over time. To protect any electronics you want to put into storage, be sure to rent a storage unit that is temperature-controlled. That way, you don't have to worry about whether your electronics will work when you are ready to remove them from the unit.

Find Out About Insurance

While many storage unit companies do not offer insurance for the items you put into storage, you still may have another option. Check with your existing home insurance or renters' insurance carrier to see if storage unit items are covered in your policy.

Let the suggestions in this article help you protect your items while you are renting a self-storage unit. Talk to staff members at your rental company to find out more ways to keep your belongings safe.