3 Signs That You Should Tip Your Movers A Little Extra

If you are hiring a moving crew to help you move your household possessions, you probably appreciate the fact that you are getting a little bit of help with this often difficult and overwhelming task. One great way to show your appreciation to your movers is by giving a tip, but you could be wondering exactly how much you should give.

Giving a five percent tip is considered pretty standard across the industry, even though some people argue whether you should tip five percent per mover or if you should give the entire five percent to the foreman to allow him to divvy it up. However, there are some cases when you might want to give a little extra. These are some of the situations in which you may want to tip your moving crew a little bit better.

1. Your Move is a Little More Frustrating Than it Should Be

Let's face it -- there's a chance that you might not really have everything together and organized when it's time to move. If your house is a disorganized mess when the movers show up or if you have kids or pets underfoot and in the way of the moving crew, you probably know that things are a little more frustrating than they probably should be. One way to thank your movers for their patience during this tricky time for your family is by handing over a few extra bucks when it's time to leave a tip.

2. Your Movers Do Something Extra for Free

Many moving companies charge separately for different services, and you might be expected to pay extra if you want help with packing or if you have an especially large or heavy item moved. If your movers walk in and start helping you pack up the last of your unpacked items without charging extra, or if they move a piano or another large, heavy item without adding the charge to your bill, then you should definitely show your appreciation in the form of a slightly larger tip.

3. The Crew Gets the Job Done Quickly

You probably want to get your move over with as quickly as possible. Some moving crews can be faster than others and can help you get your move completed much more quickly, so if you feel that your crew has gone above and beyond to be fast and efficient, it's probably worth your while to offer a slightly higher tip.

Overall, you should not tip any more than you feel comfortable with when hiring professional movers, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving. However, if you experience any of these three perks from your moving crew, you might feel good in showing your appreciation by offering a slightly larger tip.