Keeping Your Momentum Up on Moving Day: “Moving Supplies” That Keep You Moving

You have your traditional moving supplies—packing tape, labels, markers, boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts, etc. What you do not have, or maybe did not even consider, are your other "moving supplies," the supplies that keep you and your helpers moving during the long process. Here is a secondary list of moving supplies that are vital to you and everyone else on moving day.

Cold Drinks

Cold drinks refresh and energize and provide an instant burst of energy to your already tired body. The best cold drink, of course, is water because you and your crew are sweating every last drop of it out of your bodies and the more dehydrated you are the more exhausted you will all feel. Sports drinks that replace lost electrolytes are okay too, but if you have someone in the group that only drinks colas or other soda beverages, make sure you have plenty on hand in a cooler while you are moving everything on and off the truck.

Meals and Snacks

Quick, energy-producing snacks like trail mix or gorp (good old raisins and peanuts) are easy to throw back with one hand while carrying a box with the other hand. Snacks will stave off hunger long enough to get everything moved onto a truck, but you will also have to provide real food to your helpers at appropriate meal times. Be sure to budget the cost of pizzas or some type of takeout or delivery for everyone in the group on the day of your move and have a box of snacks that appeal to everyone during the moving out and moving in process.

Lifting/Back Belts

To avoid injury to the back, you and your helpers should probably have lifting belts. The belts help keep your back and spine in alignment and provide additional spinal support when lifting very heavy objects. The belts also have a way of reminding the wearers of unsafe lifting positions, causing wearers to readjust their positions to a safer posture.

Pain Relievers

You can take a preemptive strike against pain by taking some anti-inflammatory pain relievers prior to picking up the first box. It is also advisable to have a bottle of over-the-counter pain relief on hand for your helpers. As they begin to ache and tire, they will need to take a break and maybe a couple of pills for pain management. You could keep ice packs and topical pain relievers on hand, too, in case of an injury or pain in the ankles, feet, neck, or shoulders.